San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Promotions

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Over the last several weeks, six LEGO Comic-con exclusives have been revealed. Much like years past, those who wish to obtain any one of the Comic-con exclusives must sign up for a raffle for the chance to go buy these sets or win the minifigures. Here are the six Comic-con exclusives that have been revealed thus far:

Cult-favorite Barb, from the hit show "Stranger Things."

LEGO Stranger Things BarbLEGO Stranger Things Barb packaging

Zebra Batman, who appears in Detective Comics #275.

LEGO Zebra BatmanLEGO Zebra Batman packaging

Advanced Suit Spider-Man, as seen in the recent PS4 Spiderman game.

LEGO Advanced Suit Spider-manLEGO Advanced Suit Spider-man packaging

This exclusive Batman display will be available to "lottery" winners for $45.

LEGO Batman SDCCLEGO Batman SDCC packaging

Also available to winners for $45, this set includes Captain Marvel with her original green suit, Maria Rambeau, and Flerkin Goose.

LEGO Captain Marvel SDCCLEGO Captain Marvel SDCC packaging

This Star Wars bust is based on the somewhat obscure soldier known as a "Sith Trooper," and can be bought by winners for $45.

LEGO Star Wars Sith Trooper SDCCLEGO Star Wars Sith Trooper packaging

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